The Thrill of the Chase


Greyhound racing’s thrill of the chase is quite simply a great night out! It is one of the UK’s most explosive, exciting and popular spectator sports, attracting an absolute fortune in betting money every year.

There are twenty five tracks dotted about the UK that offer quality restaurants, licensed bars and corporate facilities. Please visit for details on your local track. Each greyhound race (numbering tens of thousands per year over varied distances) feature six beautifully sleek and finely tuned greyhounds that race with breath-taking speed and agility. Races generally take place every fifteen minutes at most tracks and each meeting typically holds around 10-15 races.

In recent times, many greyhound stadiums have undergone transformations in order to encourage the public to enjoy the ‘Thrill of the Chase’ and a ‘night at the dogs’. Greyhound racing is simply great fun, being accessible and affordable for all.

Whether you’re a raw beginner, a novice, a seasoned pro, a casual or professional gambler or even a couple or family looking for an exciting night out, greyhound racing is THE place to be.

It’s ‘just’ a six dog race, can you pick the winner?


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